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giovedì 27 marzo 2008

Francesco Perra "Frutta e verdura"

"Eat your fruits and vegetables" is one of the tried and true recommendations for a healthy diet.
At the end of Corso Cavour in Orvieto, close to the famous and well know Bar Montanucci you can discover the little Fruit & Vegetable Market of Francesco Perra.

You can really find the best fruit and vegetables but also the best sauces to deep your bread or dressing your salad & pasta. Wide choice of local Extra virgin olive oil and wonderful pasta in different flavors and packaging completely personalized by Francesco and also dedicated to his grandmum Siria.


This is the story of my shop: right in the centre of the town of Orvieto, number 6 on corso Cavour.
It all began in the year 1945, with my grandmother named SIRIA, who started out with a severely limited supply of horticoltural products. As the years went by, the shop followed closely the needs of the market, keeping up with the times.
At the beginning of the seventies, my parents introduced new products, and started serving the big distributors as well.
I was born on the 16th of July, 1982, in Orvieto, in the central heart of Italy.
My name is Francesco Perra.
I carreer started very early, as I wanted to help out my family.
So I began working when I was ten, dividing myself between work and school until I was twenty.
I increased the number of products offered in my shop, by adding delicacies which are typical of the area I live in.
Among these, variously flavoured pastas such as truffle, porcini mushrooms, saffron, and chocolate; and special sauces such as black or green olives, chili pepper, truffle and porcini mushrooms;
a selection of yummy gelatins to accompany your cheese: balsamic vinegar, strawberry, onion or fig.

Here are some ideas for your enjoyment of my products.
Umbrichelli are a typically Umbrian pasta made of durum wheat, water and flour. Umbrichelli, beacuse of the procedure used for their cutting (bronze strings), will have to boil for longer than normal pasta, so 20 minutes will do.
They can go with almost anything, I suggest a simple truffle mash, or a porcini sauce. Remember never to add cheese, as it spoils the full flavour of the other ingredients.
The chocolate pasta, superb when eaten with a ragout of boar meat, will make you experience italian cuisine at its finest.
Extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, with a zero degrees acidity level is exceptional to accompany all your salads, meats and bruschettas.

I told you the story of my shop, I hope you will enjoy
our delicious products.
Sincerely, Francesco Perra

FRUTTA & VERDURA di Perra Francesco

Corso Cavour 6 - Orvieto - 05018 (TR)


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